Customer Support Program

  • 24/7 all year round on-call services
  • Safety stocking necessary spare parts
  • Emergency on-site service within 2 hours
  • Routine after-sales preventative check-ups
  • Well-trained engineering team always ready for your service

System Maintenance Activities

  • Sterilization
  • UF and RO Cleaning
  • Changing Filters and UV Lamps
  • Resin Replacement and Backwash Cleaning
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance
  • Water Quality Tests -On-line Testings of TOC and Particles
    -Ultrapure Water Quality Testing (BalazsTM) 
    -Raw Water Quality Analysis

Consumptive Materials and Parts Supply



  • Fine Filter Cartridge
  • Flow Filter Cartridge
  • Wound Filter Cartridge
  • PP Filter Cartridge
  • Harmsco Filter Cartridge
  •  (Imported)


Various Bayer and DOW Ion-exchange Resins for Water Treatment
UF and RO Membranes

UF and RO Membranes

UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Aquafine UV Lamps and Accessories (Imported)
Others: Valves, Pipe Fittings

Others: Valves, Pipe Fittings

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