Ultrafiltration Pretreatment

RO has played an important role in today’s ultrapure water systems. RO eliminates most of the im-purities from water, which include dissolvable solids, ions, bacteria, organics, silicon dioxides, etc. Therefore, how to keep a RO system in its ideal operation condition is a fundamental consideration in designing the system.Changing seasons often result in excessive silt in the water, which puts heavy load on the RO and leads to membrane clogging. The condition not only causes an increased workload on operation personnel, but also prevents RO from normal functioning. It is not uncommon that the entire pure water system must shut down.

In treating water with high Silt Density Index (SDI), most de-signers are aware that UF is the most effective pretreatment method for RO systems. However, due to factors such as higher initial cost, operator’s lack of proper skill, etc. UF is not as widely used as a pretreatment system as it should be. Through thorough study and careful evaluation, it becomes obvious that UF is the most cost effective investment in the long run. UPT personnel grasp every aspect of the design and the operation of the UF system.
The UF system we use features automatic fast flush that washes off impurities, such as silt, colloids, etc. attached to the surface of the UF membrane on timed intervals. In addition, we use UF membranes made of special material, which are less prone to clogging, chemical resistant and antibacterial, thus suitable for pretreatment systems.