Lewatit VWS Technology

Modern Lewatit VWS technology was first developed and patented by the Bayer Group in Ger-many. The technology is derived from the concept of counter-current regeneration. With its unique internal structure and design, the system provides the most efficient regeneration and best product water quality. Lewatit VWS Technology is currently the most-used system.
UPT has been authorized by the Bayer Group for the Ion-exchange technology since 1998. Combining technologies from Bayer and us and our working experiences, we have built many pure water systems with consistent water quality and reduced operational overhead and garnered ex-cellent praises from our clients.
Features and Benefits of Fluidised:
●Shorter regeneration time
●Lower consumption of service water
●Neutral resin preventing dispersing head from clogging
●Consistent product water quality, simple regeneration pro-cedure
●No regeneration backwash, smaller footprint, increased operating capacity
●Low regenerant requirement (about 1/2 to 2/3 that of a tra-ditional system)
●Fully automated water production and regeneration, thus reduced labor cost