Bayer Multistep Technology

Though traditional mixed-bed ion exchange resin tower can produce pure water with greater than 15MΩ-cm resistivity, it is in practice very complicated to operate and vulnerable to resin contamination, and thus requires longer regeneration and cleaning time, making the system less efficient. Furthermore, the knowledge of an operator and that of a designer can cause great variations in the system performance.
Bayer’s patented Multistep Ion Exchange System is designed to improve upon the ineffectiveness of the traditional mixed-bed technology. The system also delivers pure water with greater than 15MΩ-cm resistivity while having the benefits of consistent quality and improved regeneration rate. Though the initial investment of the system is higher than that of a mixed-bed, savings on the operation cost can be substantial in the long run. Above all, the system is environmentally friendlier. 
Features and Benefits of Multistep System:
●Neutral resin preventing from clogging
●Fully automated design, reduced labor cost
●Shorter regeneration time (about 2/3 that of the mixed-bed)
●Less regenerant consumption (about 1/2 that of the mixed-bed)
●Reduced service water (about 1/2 to 2/3 that of the mixed-bed)
●No regeneration backwash, smaller footprint, increased opera-ting capacity
●Simple regeneration procedure, elimination of incomplete regeneration and thus consistent product water quality
●Longer resin service life (less workload on the top-layer resin, which can be reused in the bottom layer)