Continuous Electrodeionization Technology

CDI-LX system is a revolutionary product that uses a combination of ion exchange resins and membranes, and direct current to continuously deionize the water. It is mainly used in the pure or ultrapure water systems to continuously produce deionized ultrapure water (Approximately 18 MΩ-cm). Applications cover semiconductor, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, power generation and chemical industries. There is no need for regeneration chemicals, thus reducing or eliminating the generation of wastewater, making it the most environmentally friendly equipment in the industry. 
The CDI-LX is of modular design using IONPURE’s latest patented module, which is the most advanced and reliable EDI products existing today. IONPURE is an innovator and the leader in the industry. UPT started actively promoting DCI/EDI technologies in 1995, and has earned trusts and praises from our clients, and as a result we have become a priority OEM partner of IONPURE. 
Features and Benefits of CDI-LX Products:
●Lower operation cost
●No regeneration needed, continuous operation
●No brine feed, free of chlorine, improved system safety
●Modular design, high system stability, cost-effectiveness
●High operating temperature module (approximately 80℃) for hot water sanitization
●No concentrate recirculation, lower power consumption, simple operation & maintenance
●Rugged construction, high operating pressure, double o-ring design ensures leak-free operation
●No brine injection required into concentrate stream thus reduced operating cost, total recovery of concentrate
●Patented IONPURE concentrate compartment helps reduce working voltage and improve product water quality