High Performance Pure Water System

Our pure water system is custom designed according to physical para-meters of the client’s site.The system not only produces highlevel of pure product water, but also incor-porates process recycling technology to re-duce wastewater discharge, and thus achieves the design goals of saving energy and resources.

System Introduction

While we have boundless creativity, our resources are finite. Therefore, it is critical to reduce environmental impact to an absolute minimum. To pre-serve water resources, designers shall, regardless of technologies used, carefully and thoroughly ana-lyze the conditions on hand, and adjust the operational parameters accordingly to reclaim as much water that would otherwise be wasted as possible.

Our Services :

CMP Wastewater/ Low HF Wastewater/ Other Process Wastewater/ Acid and Caustic Wastewater/ Wastewater from Wafer Dicing and Grinding Processes/